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Dr. Susan K. Faron
Diplomate Jungian Analyst and Psychologist offering psychotherapy, Jungian analysis, dream analysis and stress reduction for adults and couples in greater Walnut Creek, California, including Alamo, Concord, Danville, Lafayette, Martinez, Orinda, Pleasant Hill, and San Ramon

Diplomate Jungian Analyst

Licensed Psychologist
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Walnut Creek, CA
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"The right way to wholeness is through fateful detours and wrong turnings.

-- C.G. Jung

Psychotherapy & Analysis Services


Short or Long-Term
Individual Analysis and Psychotherapy

Dr. Faron has been practicing psychotherapy for over thirty years. Most recently (2017), she was awarded the Diploma in Jungian Analysis by the Research and Training Centre for Depth Psychology according to C.G. Jung and Marie-Louise von Franz, Zurich, Switzerland. She currently sees adults and couples in her private practice. She offers traditional talking psychotherapy, a variety of expressive arts, sandplay, stress reduction and management, cognitive behavioral therapy, Jungian analysis and dream analysis. Each process is tailored to the particular needs of the individual or couple.

Dr. Faron's specialties as a therapist include relationships, depression, anxiety, grief, women's issues, management and work problems, men's development, physical and stress disorders, gay/lesbian issues, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and spirituality. Another difficulty frequently seen in current times is a vague sense of loss or lack of meaning and purpose in one's life.

Dr. Faron is guided by the experiences and writings of C.G. Jung and his analytical psychology. Jungian psychology emphasizes completeness, not perfection.

One way of understanding analytic psychotherapy is that the therapy, particularly the analysis of your dreams, leads to parts of you that are usually out of awareness...to unconscious aspects of you. These aspects have a particular purpose for you and try to reach you through your dreams.

The waking self, or psychologically speaking, ego functioning, helps you survive and thrive, and this is needed. However, "ego" often gets lopsided and unknowingly... unconsciously... neglects parts of you that need to be attended to and become more conscious.

When neglect happens long enough and often enough, the unconscious become louder and louder and causes symptoms of one sort or another. Moreover, these unconscious parts can take over and begin to dominate our life in a destructive manner!

Jung has observed that we may try to repress or suppress parts of ourselves, but the dark side of the psyche, the shadow, when pushed away will appear in increasingly frightening forms. Jung has observed that we experience greater freedom when we come to terms with the shadow. Most of all, the creative parts of ourselves are released at the same time!

Many are relieved to discover the psyche is self-regulating and that you don't have to subscribe to others' models of who you should be. Moreover, therapy accelerates the healing and developmental process by directing your reflection and attention toward psychological insight and self-knowledge. Both of these are essential for health and vitality.

Thus, the primary goal of Dr. Faron's approach is to help you connect to your inner strengths and wisdom, indeed, to your transformational energies within. Far from being over, adult development begins at age 21 and continues throughout our life. Having worked with children for over ten years in the past, she has integrated an understanding of developmental psychology that serves as an important foundation for her present work with adults.

Analytical psychotherapy leads to your having a more integrated sense of who you are and a feeling of being right with yourself, apart from the vicissitudes of life.

Susan K. Faron, Ph.D.
Diplomate Jungian Analyst and Licensed Psychologist
Walnut Creek, California